Is Bridgepoint Right For Me?

There are many reasons to engage Bridgepoint Merchant Banking.

Our substantial experience organizing, managing and successfully completing transactions provides our clients peace of mind and ensures that strategic and financing processes are run in a professional manner that can help you achieve your goals and value.  Additionally, we help create leverage for your organization.

Seeking financing or pursuing an M&A transaction can be very time consuming, particularly on top of normal day to day operational activities.  Utilizing our people, time and resources helps ensure that a transaction does not create internal distractions – the worst time to have an operational slip is during a transaction process.

Maintaining your confidentiality is another reason to engage Bridgepoint.  Our ability to reach out to potential M&A parties or investors without disclosing your identity until the most appropriate time helps prevent confusion and competitive risk in the market, including among employees, customers, suppliers and competitors.

Most importantly, clients tell us that we provide them access to options, sophisticated solutions and nationwide connectivity – investors, financing partners, buyers, acquisition targets, creative ideas, etc.  Our relationships and expertise have been built over 94+ years of experience.

It’s why we are Bridgepoint – we partner with our clients to help them achieve their goals, with strong support and reliable guidance over otherwise uncertain and highly important situations.

You have goals, you want to go somewhere – Bridgepoint is here to get you there.